be quiet! hushes small systems

In many ways, this might be the golden age of small computers. Builders looking to pull together a microATX or Mini-ITX machine have a wide variety of chassis options available to them, and surprisingly powerful components are available in diminutive sizes. Those components still need juice and cool air, though, and that's where a pair of new products from be quiet! comes in. Its Shadowrock TF 2 CPU cooler and SFX L Power PSU are ready to go to work in constrained spaces.

Measuring in at a mere 4.4" tall (or 112 mm), the Shadowrock TF 2 can slip into most microATX cases. It should also be quite capable of cooling powerful processors, seeing as be quiet! gives it a TDP rating of 160 W. Five copper heatpipes transfer heat to the fin stack. be quiet! claims that the small diagonally-arranged fins help move cool air to the components close to the CPU socket. The cooler is compatible with all Intel and AMD sockets, including AMD's latest AM4 socket.

Though it ships with an ATX adapter bracket, the SFX L Power PSU is really designed for Mini-ITX systems. Unlike most SFX units which use an 80mm fan, be quiet! was able to squeeze in a 120mm fan in the SFX L Power. The larger fan can operate at a lower speed, potentially enabling quieter operation without sacrificing cooling performance. The SFX L Power will be available in 500W and 600W models. The units bear a 80 Plus Gold certification and have a full complement of protection circuits.

be quiet! hasn't yet released pricing and availability information, but indicates that both of these products should hit the market in 2017 still.

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