Rosewill brings its Neon keyboard and mice to Computex

It's all too easy to dismiss Rosewill as "Newegg's house brand," but that discounts the fact that the company actually does sell a lot of good stuff. Rosewill's PR is at Computex, of course, but the company sent over some information about its upcoming Neon series of gaming accessories. As you might guess from the name, the Neon K51 keyboard and the Neon M55 and M57 mice come with prominent RGB LED lighting.

Rosewill Neon K51

First, the keyboard. The switches under the Rosewill Neon K51 gaming keyboard are a "mem-chanical" design, according to the company. It's not entirely clear what that means, but it seems that unlike Cooler Master's Devastator II keyboard or Razer's Ornata "mecha-membrane" types, Rosewill simply means that the K51 has a mix of mechanical and rubber dome keys. The company also says that the Neon K51 has full N-key rollover and that its backlighting can be configured across eight separate patterns. As Rosewill calls the K51 "driver-free," it seems likely to use a similar software-less configuration to the company's own RK-9000v2 RGB.

Rosewill Neon M55

The Neon M55 and M57 mice are both entry-level gaming mice with six programmable buttons. The primary difference between the two (besides their different shapes) comes in the sensor used: the M57 sports the well-known up-to-2000-DPI PixArt A3050 laser sensor, while the M55 mounts an as-yet-unknown A4090 optical sensor. Given the nomenclature, it seems likely that this new optical sensor is also a PixArt design, but it isn't listed in that company's catalogs yet. In any case, Rosewill says the A4090 supports 6 resolution levels and maxes out at 6000 DPI.

Rosewill Neon M57

Along with the keyboards and mice, Rosewill says it has a new line of headsets coming out this summer called Nebula. The line will comprise three models of "top-grade gaming headsets," all with LED lighting. We'll probably have more details about the headsets and the Neon gaming hardware closer to their release.

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