1. VIA announces VPX modular I/O expansion technology
  2. ActiveWin reports that MS Office XP Service Pack 1 has gone gold (thanks dakar)
  3. Adobe Acrobat 5 updated to 5.05,
    MS Exchange 2000 Service Pack 2,
    and MS Office Update Inventory Tool 1.0 (thanks dakar)
  4. CryoEniac has an exclusive interview with 3Dlabs
  5. Banderacom named one of top ten semiconductor start-ups by FSA
  6. Electic Tech reports that Ramtron intros world's first 1-transistor, 1-capacitor FRAM
  7. Creative introduces PC-CAM 600 (thanks t-break)
  8. Icrontic reports that Crucial begins to sell 512MB PC2100 memory
  9. CDR-Info's Christmas contest
Motherboards and graphics

  1. GamePC on NVIDIA nForce's superstability mode
  2. SocketA reviews Asus A7N266-E
  3. VIAHardware reviews Tyan Trinity 510
  4. HotHardware reviews DFI AD70-SR
  5. SocketA has links to new MSI BIOS files
  6. Electic Tech has Asus chipset patch for i960 chipset (Windows 2000 only)
    and Gizmo's 3dfx Glide drivers for Voodoo 3/4/5
  7. Neoseeker reviews Abit Siluro MX400
Multimedia and cooling

  1. X-bit labs has 10,000RPM SCSI hard disk drives roundup
  2. CDR-Info reviews Mitsumi CR-480ATE 32/12/40 CD-RW drive
  3. Extreme Overclocking reviews Plextor PlexWriter 24/10/40A
  4. Digit-Life reviews Jazz speakers J-6508
  5. BiT-Tech reviews PcMods LCD kit
  6. SLCentral takes an anthropological look at case modding
  7. Overclockedcafe reviews Thermaltake Crystal Orb
  8. Rojak Pot reviews Arctic Alumina
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