Fresh HP Omen displays and peripherals fill out the ranks

As one of the old-school PC vendors, HP likes to sell its customers complete solutions rather than piecemeal parts. Naturally, then, the company has a couple of new displays to offer alongside its latest refresh of the Omen gaming lineup. The monitors comprise a 25" model with FreeSync support, and a G-Sync-enabled 27" model. HP also has some fresh Omen-branded peripherals coming.

First, the monitors. The two models are externally similar, but that's about as far as the resemblance goes. The 25" model uses a 1920x1080 TN panel that refreshes at up to 144 Hz and has a 1-ms response time. HP lists the monitor's static contrast at 1000:1 and maximum brightness at 400 cd/m², while the color gamut is vaguely given as "72%," which we take to mean 72% of the NTSC space, or ballpark-equivalent to 100% of the sRGB space.

As mentioned above, this display supports FreeSync, and its listed range is 42 Hz to 144 Hz. HP recommends using the DisplayPort input, but the monitor also includes two HDMI ports. There's no word on FreeSync support over HDMI, though. A pair of USB 3.0 ports and a headphone holder complement the package.

The 27" Omen display comes in 2560x1440 resolution and refreshes at up to 165 Hz, marking it clearly as a tier above its smaller cousin. HP notes that the display uses a 1-ms TN panel, which should ensure that it doesn't suffer from ghosting or require excessive overdrive. This version of the display packs G-Sync support (with a minimum of 30 Hz), and that means it likely supports ULMB, though HP makes no mention of the feature. Static contrast ratio is again listed as 1000:1, while maximum brigthness can hit 350 cd/m². The port layout is nearly the same as its smaller brother save that there's now only a single HDMI input. The fully-adjustable stand comes with a headphone holder.

If you're happy with your Omen PC and want to coordinate the visual styling across all your hardware, HP will happily sell you a matching keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and headset. The Omen Keyboard 1100 is a pretty typical wired mechanical gaming keyboard that uses non-brand-identified "Blue" switches and features N-key roll-over and red LED backlighting. 

Its pointer partner, the Omen Mouse 600, is a wired 6-button gaming mouse with sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI and capable of handling up to 50G acceleration. Those specs mean it probably uses some variant of PixArt's excellent PMW3360 optical sensor. HP provides almost no details on the Omen mouse pads, but we know at least that they come in regular and XL sizes. 

Finally, the Omen Headset 800 aims to be serious piece of audio hardware with its massive 53-mm drivers. The speakers come in a closed-back casing that has thick ear cups, built-in volume and microphone controls, and a retractable microphone. The headset hooks up to PCs using two 3.5-mm connectors, and there's an included 4-pole adapter for smartphones and game consoles.

If you've already got your Omen Desktop on order, you can go ahead and order the accessories alongside it. The Omen 1100 keyboard goes for $130, the Omen 600 mouse costs $60, and the mouse pads ask $30 and $40 in the regular and XL versions. That nifty Headset 800 comes in at $80. The monitors won't be available until a bit later; the 27" display will arrive on June 8 for $800, while its little brother should show up June 26 for $280.

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