GOG Summer Sale discounts over 1500 games new and old

Despite my lasting relationship with Microsoft's Windows and Valve's Steam, I must confess a strong affection for the ideals of the Free Software Foundation. To that end, when I can, I prefer to purchase DRM-free software on GOG.com. The storefront has launched into its 2017 Summer Sale with gusto, and has "1500+ deals up to 90% off" on PC games both new and old alike.

For those unfamiliar, GOG.com—formerly Good Old Games—is a PC gaming storefront that exclusively offers DRM-free games with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase and download games entirely using the website, or you can use GOG's Galaxy client to install and update titles. The site was founded by Witcher series developers CD Projekt Red and has grown tremendously in popularity in the last few years as it transitioned from primarily offering classic old titles to becoming a general PC games store. GOG aims to offer fairer regional pricing than other digital storefronts, remarking that "one euro is not one dollar."

The highlights of GOG's summer sale are going to be in the eye of beholder, but we've picked out a few of our favorite titles. You can pick up the Game of the Year edition of benchmark favorite and overall amazing experience Witcher III for just $25. This version includes the base game and all of the DLC, so it's well more than a hundred hours of game. The Blood and Wine expansion alone is easily longer than many full-priced retail games.

Fans of open-world fantasy action RPGs will also not want to miss Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. While this title originally dates back to 2012 and the seventh generation of game consoles, it didn't hit the PC until early this year when it became a hit on Steam—a surprise to some, but no surprise to its fans. Dragon's Dogma just released on GOG and for only $12, it's an incredible value. The game has been aptly described as "Japanese Skyrim." While it lacks that title's breadth, it more than makes up for it in depth and style.

Further fantasy highlights in GOG's sale include the Bruno-approved Diablo successor Grim Dawn ($12.50), Baldur's Gate descendant Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition ($4), and the rhythm-based Crypt of the NecroDancer ($3.74). Owing to its heritage, GOG also has a massive library of classic PC fantasy games on sale, like the great-in-multiplayer Neverwinter Nights Diamond ($5), action-oriented jewel-in-the-rough Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone ($4), or the steampunk-styled Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura for just $1.19.

If swords and spells aren't your thing, don't fret; GOG's sale isn't all orcs and wizards. You can pick up Crysis and the side-story Crysis Warhead together for just $8. You can get every PC entry in the Saint's Row series for just $16 (look on the right side of the page for the bundle). The original Dead Space is the lovechild of Resident Evil 4 and System Shock 2, and it's only $4. EA stablemate and personal favorite Mirror's Edge is also just $4. Finally, you can get fan favorite Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines for just $5—but don't forget the community patch.

This list barely scratches the surface of GOG's summer sale, so if you don't see something interesting here, go check the storefront. Everyone who makes a purchase from now until June 20 gets a free copy of Double Damage Games' Rebel Galaxy, which currently goes for $20 on Steam. Let us know about any hidden gems or amazing deals you find in the comments.

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