Pro overclocker pumps G.Skill DDR4 to 5.5 GT/s

When you hear "2750 MHz DDR4 memory" your mind likely auto-corrects to "2750 MT/s." Except in this case, that's wrong. G.Skill sent us a line informing us that professional overclocker (what a job, eh?) Toppc achieved a stunning 5.5 GT/s memory transfer rate using an Intel Core i7-7740K CPU astride an unspecified X299 motherboard. The new record is verified by HWBot and is a 500 MT/s improvement over Toppc's 5 GT/s record from last year.

The memory used by the Taiwanese talent was obviously G.Skill's own, and the company confirmed that the modules in question were assembled using Samsung DRAM ICs. There's no real surprises to be found here; Intel promised that the Core i7-7740K would offer the highest gaming performance possible and as we've come to understand lately, memory performance can be a big part of that.

Achieving that insanely high clock rate required insane cooling—in this case, liquid nitrogen. The achieved result isn't extremely useful in practice, because to hit that high number Toppc had to disable all but one core of the Kaby Lake-X CPU. That isn't unusual for these world-record overclocking attempts, though. The point isn't to create a usable overclock, it's simply to reach the highest number possible.

Clock rates like this won't be coming to mere mortals like you or me anytime soon. You can get pretty close, though. The company announced limited availability of 4800 MT/s kits at Computex. We reckon that ought to offer some pretty solid performance in DayZ.

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