Take the plunge into Deepcool’s Computex case lineup

The festivities at Computex 2017 are officially over, but there are more than a few pictures left on the camera roll for us to share. Deepcool had a number of intriguing cases on display at the event, so let's dig in and take a look.

Let's start with the aptly-named Ark 90, a case that seems large enough to hold just about any set of hardware one might care to load into it. It's an E-ATX case with tempered glass on the side, top and front. Its exterior is marked with a straight, illuminated channel that runs along the top and front panels. Deepcool pre-installs its Captain 280EX AIO cooler, and includes a PCIe riser for builders who want to show off their graphics cards. Deepcool hasn't determined the Ark 90's price yet, but is planning on an October 2017 release.

Next up is the visually-arresting Quadstellar case. This case employs a unique four-chamber design that puts the GPU, PSU, motherboard, and storage drives into separate compartments. It's a bit tough to describe how the pieces fit together, so take look at the case's back panel, pictured below.

The compartment for the motherboard (lower left and center) is the largest, and we do mean large: it's spacious enough for E-ATX motherboards. The GPU chamber on the upper left can house up to three dual-slot graphics cards with the use of riser cables. The storage chamber (upper right) fits up to nine 3.5" drives. The power supply sits in the chamber on the lower right. For extra control over the cooling, the case has a built-in temperature sensor than can open the front panels as needed for extra airflow. Deepcool plans to sell Quadstellar cases in October 2017 for around $300, and no, the retail models won't include those snazzy orange Ryzen stickers.

The BaronKase Liquid is a microATX-sized case that's actually large enough for hold ATX motherboards, in a vein similar to a Fractal Define C. The entire case is constructed of metal, including the wide handle on the top panel. To sweeten the deal, Deepcool includes its Captain 120EX AIO liquid cooling system wiht the case. The BaronKase Liquid will be available in black and white, and will have RGB LED lighting on the pump, radiator, and front panel. Deepcool plans to release the the enclosure in July for $130.

The Earlkase RGB case is the most affordable of the models pictured here. It has an all-metal, scratch-resistant front panel and a tempered glass side panel. A long shroud separates the PSU from the rest of the case. Deepcool includes two 120 mm fans and an LED strip with the Earlkase. Should builders want a more substantial cooling system, there's room to fit a 280-mm radiator on the top panel, or a 360-mm radiator on the front panel. This case is also due out in July and will be priced around $80.

The last case on the list is the Dukase Liquid. This chassis features all-metal top and front panels, and a large transparent side panel. Once again, a shroud separates the PSU from the rest of the case and gives users a spot to hide a few cables. The case's interior is illuminated with red LEDs, and Deepcool includes an AIO cooler with a 240-mm radiator. Deepcool plans to release this case before the end of June, and suggests its price to be $190.

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    • rwburnham
    • 3 years ago

    Do you have entirely too much space on or around your desk? Try our new Quadstellar case!

    • slowriot
    • 3 years ago

    I want to like the Quadstellar. As Apple might say I have the “courage” to use such a case but……. that four chamber is the wrong approach IMO and this case would have been a perfect platform for a dual mITX system enclosure.

      • EricBorn
      • 3 years ago

      I do love the idea of a case that opens up some vents automatically when components start to get too hot.

      Maybe I could also get a spring-loaded top panel that would throw cats off my computer when they try to sit on it . . . hmm . . .

        • Neutronbeam
        • 3 years ago

        It’s been done…that’s why they call it a CATapult case.

          • cmrcmk
          • 3 years ago

          Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • James296
    • 3 years ago

    cool. Now I can have my very own “X-box” 😉

      • Mr Bill
      • 3 years ago

      “X-Wing” Edition

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