EVGA's DG-7 cases are clearly classy

Summertime is the season for new hardware announcements, and EVGA is taking advantage of the moment to expand its selection of cases. EVGA's current DG-8 chassis series has a striking design and intriguing options, but the pricing starts pretty high and only goes up. With its new DG-7 series of computer cases, EVGA looks to augment its chassis lineup with models with elegant touches at affordable prices.

The DG-77 is an ATX case with three tempered glass panels that constitute much of the case's exterior. As there are so many sightlines into the DG-77's interior, EVGA provides a few elements that help builders put together a visually-attractive PC. A long shroud covers the PSU and cables, and an included bracket allows for mounting graphics cards vertically. The case supports a wide variety of cooling systems, including 360-mm radiators. A "KBoost" button can be configured to put an Nvidia GPU into an overclock mode and adjust Windows power settings for high performance.

The cases in the DG-7 lineup all share the same aesthetic, but not all the same features. The DG-76 (pictured above) and the DG-75 have the large tempered class panels of the DG-77. The KBoost button appears to be limited to the flagship model, though.

Last on the list is EVGA's DG-73, which trades in the tempered glass for a small-in-comparison side window. The case maintains the prominent thumbscrews that break the otherwise flat surfaces found on the front panels of the cases in the DG-7 . EVGA says to expect these cases soon and at affordable prices, but doesn't provide a date nor a price list.

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