Radeon 17.6.1 drivers get Dirt-y

It's a new month, and that means there's a new second digit in AMD's Radeon driver version number. The latest release from the red team, version 17.6.1, hit yesterday afternoon after we'd closed up shop. The update has performance improvements for Dirt 4 and Prey, but it appears to primarily be a bugfix release.

Codemasters' latest entry in its lauded rally racing series launched today on Steam. This driver adds official support for the title, including a Crossfire profile as well as a massive 30% performance improvement when using 8x MSAA on a Radeon RX 580. Meanwhile, Arkane's Prey is still getting some love from RTG's driver team; the release notes list an overall performance improvement of up to 4% on an RX 580. Small, but welcome nonetheless.

The 17.6.1 release quashes no small number of bugs. As a matter near and dear to my own heart, Virtual Super Resolution—AMD's counterpart to Nvidia's Dynamic Super Resolution—should be working properly on Polaris-based Radeons. Users of monitors with 2560x1440 or greater resolutions have had a couple of issues resolved: HDR should enable properly now, and these displays should no longer flicker when running at high refresh rates over HDMI.

Systems using AMD XConnect to hook up an external GPU should no longer hang after resuming from hibernation. Crashes when tweaking memory speeds on R9 390 cards ought to be gone. FreeSync users won't see their GPU memory clock throttle, and the GPU Scaling setting in Radeon Settings should behave correctly now. Crossfire rigs should no longer experience stuttering in Mass Effect: Andromeda and Prey, either. Finally, hot-plugging monitors with Radeon Settings open should no longer crash the application.

In a perfect world, every issue would be fixed before a release. Unfortunately, this world isn't quite perfect yet. Rainbow Six: Siege may show corrupted graphics if you enable MSAA, and Adobe Lightroom might crash on Windows 7 machines equipped with R9 390 cards. Games in "borderless window" mode might stutter or run poorly if there are other applications (including game launchers) behind them on a FreeSync display. Also, CS:GO and World of Warcraft might flicker on FreeSync displays during their first launch after a reboot, necessitating a game client re-launch.

Check the official release notes if you want to see if we missed anything. Remember that Radeon Settings won't prompt you to download this package, since it's considered "optional." If you'd like to update (and we strongly recommend it given the bevy of bugfixes), you can pick up the Radeon Software 17.6.1 package for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 at AMD's download site.

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