Computex 2017: Patriot Scorches and Singes entry-level SSDs

Our boys Tony and Adam stopped by Patriot's hotel room to chat at Computex last week. The company was showing a number of products, including the Viper V770 keyboard it launched around CES as well as an RGB LED-equipped mousepad and some memory equally festooned with LEDs. However, the real items of interest in the room were a trio of new SSDs that the company has coming out soon.

The Scorch, like the company's Hellfire SSD that we reviewed, is a PCIe M.2 SSD. Unlike the Hellfire, this drive connects to only two lanes of PCIe. It uses Toshiba's high-density BiCS 3D TLC flash memory and Phison's PS5008-E8 controller. That's Phison's cheapest DRAM-equipped NVMe-capable chip, and should be similar to half of the PS5007-E7 controller that powers the Hellfire.

All those qualities mean that the Scorch should be a good bit cheaper than the high-end Hellfire, despite providing fairly solid performance. At the show, the drive was marked for 1200 MB/s on sequential reads and 800MB/s on sequential writes. Patriot says the Scorch NVMe SSD will come in capacities up to 1 TB in Q3 this year.

The American company also showed us the Singe 2.5" SATA SSD. Patriot didn't have much to say about these drives, but we did find out that they'll use 3D MLC flash and come in 240 GB and 480 GB capacities. Patriot's display ascribed sequential read performance of 555MB/s and sequential write performance of 500 MB/s to these drives, while random reads and writes are spec'd at 70K IOPS.

Along with the news about the Singe, we were told that the budget-priced Spark SSD is coming in an external version that will hook up using USB 3.0 and in capacities up to 960GB. Patriot was tight-lipped about when to expect these products, though.

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