Logitech Powerplay blurs the line between wired and wireless

Did you see that Concept Zeus mouse that Corsair showed us at Computex? It's a pretty clever idea: combine the latency and power benefits of a wired mouse with the untethered freedom of a wireless mouse. Logitech apparently thinks it's a smart idea too, because the blue-G team just announced Powerplay, its own take on the concept.

Powerplay is actually the name of the mouse pad itself, which pulls double duty as a wireless charging base. Powerplay does one-up Corsair's Concept Zeus—rather than having a specific spot for wireless charging, the whole mousepad can juice up the corresponding mouse. The company says that Powerplay has been in development for four years and required the creation of a whole new wireless charging technology. 

A Powercore charging module will come with the pad. This piece magnetically attaches to compatible mice where a regular weight door would be. Simply stick the Powercore module on a suitable mouse, plug in the Powerplay pad, and the combo will keep your mouse's battery topped up while you game. Logitech says that the mouse will keep charging even during fast flicking movements. The Powerplay pad also has one of Logitech's Lightspeed wireless receivers built into it, so you don't need an additional USB port for a dongle.

Logitech doesn't say which (if any) of its existing mice are compatible with Powerplay, but there are updated versions of two rodents on the way. The G900 becomes the G903, and the G403 Wireless is morphing into the G703. Both of these updated mice will have Powerplay compatibility as well as more durable micro-switches. The G703 will be available later this month for $100, while the G903 will run you up $150. The Powerplay pad itself won't be available until August, and it'll go for $100 when it hits.

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