Plextor S3 series SSDs won't take a bite out of your wallet

There's hardly a shortage of options at the budget end of the SSD market. Plextor's new S3 series SSDs—comprising a pair of drives, the S3G and S3C—join that particular crowd, but still one-up some of the competition thanks to their 256 MB DDR3 cache. The new units utilize a SATA interface and 14-nm Hynix planar NAND flash.

The two drives differ primarily in one regard: the S3G is an M.2 SATA drive, while the S3C comes in the 2.5" form factor. The S3C also comes in capacities up to 512 GB, while the S3G tops out at 256 GB. Either drive can move 550 MB/s on sequential reads, or 510 MB/s on sequential writes. Random performance on the 512 GB S3C comes in at 92K IOPS on random reads and 79K IOPS for random writes—pretty respectable figures for planar TLC flash. The smaller drives have slightly worse random performance, as usual.

Plextor warranties the S3 series drives for three years, and gives the 256 GB and 512 GB versions 70 TBW endurance ratings. The 128 GB models should be good for 35 TBW. Currently the drives are only available in Europe. TechPowerUp reports that the 128GB drive is going for 62€ ($58 without VAT), the 256GB drive for 106€ (or $98) , and the 512GB drive for 213€ (around $198).

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