Computex 2017: Cooler Master shows off a collection of cases

Cooler Master was showing off all kinds of goodies at Computex, so here's a quick roundup of the stuff we thought was most interesting in the PC enclosure, CPU cooler, and input device categories.

MasterBox Q300L

The company's design staff showed off some ingenuity with the MasterBox Q300 lineup of micro-ATX PC enclosures. All three models are built around the same steel frame and side panel designs, but the top, bottom, front, and back sides of each model are unique. The Q300L is a compact and restrained steel-and-acrylic case with a target price of $39. The Q300P goes for $69 and adds handles and flashier exterior panels, while the Q300T is slightly pricier at $89 and turns the frame 45°, replacing the flat side panels with bulging "corner" panels.

MasterBox Q300T

Buyers who change their mind after buying one of the lower-end models will have the option of buying the side panels and creating their own hybrid Q300s. The three models are set for a Q4 release.

MasterBox K500L with transparent panel

Cooler Master also showed off two different takes on a new MasterBox K500L PC enclosure frame. The first option uses a mesh front grill for increased ventilation, while a second front panel with a tinted transparent panel makes for a somewhat tidier look.

The MasterCase H500P is something of revival of the old HAF "High Airflow" cases from a few years back. This case has a pair of enormous 200-mm fans in the front to maximize airflow past a mounting position for a radiator. Another pair of 200-mm spinners can go in the case's top panel. A sliding power supply shroud makes the case even more flexible by providing extra room for large front-mounted radiators. Look for the MasterBox H500P towards the end of the year for around $150.

Source: Cooler Master

Cooler Master has a new take on the Cosmos case concept, the C700P. There aren't many details about this model other than it has built-in RGB LED lighting, an aluminum construction, and curved glass panes. We also imagine it's pretty big, too.

The company also showed off a couple of CPU cooler concepts. The MasterAir Maker 3DLV has wrap-around heatpipes and a design that sandwiches two separate fin stacks and three 120-mm fans, all topped off with a Cooler Master-branded trim plate.

The Heat Column Cooler concept picture above appears to be a bit further away from being a production model, but it has an eye-catching UFO design that could work well with low-power CPUs in very tight enclosures. The cooling performance was said to be somewhat better than that of a stock Intel cooler. The company didn't offer any information about release dates or prices for either of these coolers—assuming they become actual shipping products.

The company also took the opportunity to display a new keyboard, two new mice, and a package that includes both. The MK750 keyboard has the buyer's choice of Cherry MX Blue, Brown, or Red switches, and RGB LED lighting. Those characteristics are common enough, but there's a unique RGB LED light bar across the bottom of the board. A snap-on wrist rest is included, as are four media keys. The asking price for the keyboard should be around $160, and it'll be available in the "next few months."

Cooler Master MM530

There's a pair of new mice in CM's rodent cage, too. According to the company, the MM530 is a good fit for gamers that tend to use a palm-type grip, while the MM520 should be more suited to those who like to form a claw with their fingers.

Cooler Master MM520

Apart from the shape differences, both mice are six-button affairs with 12,000-DPI PixArt sensors. Cooler Master says the mice should sell for around $60 when they arrive.

Finally, there's the MasterSet 120, also known as MS120. This set comprises an RGB LED-lit keyboard with "mem-chanical" switches that purportedly feel like Cherry MX Blues. Our man Tony was on the spot and says the switches felt "pretty clicky," though they required little force and were "not as solid as real mechanicals." The mouse in the MS120 appears to be similar in shape to the MM520 and has three RGB LED zones. According to Guru3D, the mouse uses a PixArt 3050 sensor. The whole set should arrive on July 23 priced at around $90.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 2 years ago

    That MasterBox Q300L could be amazing.

    It doesn’t look like it’ll be too cramped because it’s seemingly long enough for a 12″ card and still have room for filtered fans in front of them. It’s also not super narrow so hopefully that translates to either a case that’s easy to work in, or it has room for plenty of drives on the other side of the main motherboard area.

    • Usacomp2k3
    • 2 years ago

    Did you see any ergonomic mechanical keyboards around? I love my MS natural 4000 but would trade it for an equivalent design with mechanical keys. There is nothing out there like that.

      • weaktoss
      • 2 years ago

      Not that I recall, but there was far too much Computex for us to possibly put eyeballs on everything. Ergodox, Kineses, etc. not cut it for you?

      • slowriot
      • 2 years ago

      There are several mechanical switch ergonomic keyboards. They’re all pretty costly and generally not quite as traditional in design as the MS Natural 4000. But if you’re interested some models you might search for include the Kinesis Advantage, ErgoDox EZ, or Matias Ergo Pro.

        • rechicero
        • 2 years ago

        And what about keyboards similar to the MS Office keyboard? My last one is dying on me and I really, really LOVE that scroll wheel, the big del button, the keys for things you use for working…

        I’m not picky: mechanical, dome, whatever. Just need drivers for W10 (now I need some big Hotkeys macro to use the keyboard with others drivers) and similar layout. I’ve never found something better for working…

          • slowriot
          • 2 years ago

          Hm. The scroll wheel is a real tough one. You can get pretty much all of that BUT the scroll wheel in the Logitech K350. But right now I’m drawing a blank on something that’s relatively recent that has a left side scroll wheel.

          There are some keyboard which have a top right wheel, generally set to default be a volume control but usually either via driver software or a Windows registry edit you can change that. But yeah… it’s probably not located where you want for easy use. Corsair and Logitech both have models with these.

        • Usacomp2k3
        • 2 years ago

        Thanks for the links to those. Unfortunately the lack of dedicated numpad is a no go. I use that all day long in work and refuse to mess with fn-activated Numpads. I don’t think they would mesh with a separate bumped either which I wouldn’t be completely opposed to if it could be “docked”

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