Computex 2017: Lian Li's magnificent seven

Lian Li needs no introduction to an audience of gerbils, as the company has been putting together and purveying some of the finest aluminum computer cases for twenty years. We met with the company at Computex to have a look at the company's wave of upcoming products, and we focused on seven new cases. Two of the cases have a new Alpha branding, while four of the other models can switch from flat to upright orientations as you like.

Lian Li Alpha 330 (left) and Alpha 550 (right)

The family-owned company is going through some changes—including its first new logo—as the owner's son steps into the limelight. He says his goal is to preserve the Lian Li aesthetic and values while reaching further audiences, particularly the younger folks in Western markets. In China, it's common for products to be identified solely by model number, but in the West consumers tend to prefer products with names. To that end, Lian Li is debuting the Alpha 330 and Alpha 550.

Lian Li Alpha 330 (left) and Alpha 550 (right)

These are Lian Li's first high-end cases to be fabricated from steel rather than aluminum. The steel construction isn't a cost-saving measure—rather, the heavier metal provides greater structural stability when the tempered glass side panels are removed. The Alpha 330 has tempered glass on three sides and a magnetic dust filter on the top. Meanwhile, its cousin has tempered glass on four of its six sides and a removable dust filter on the bottom. These are certainly interesting cases for Lian Li, and we're looking forward to seeing more of them.

Lian Li PC-Q38

The PC-Q38 is a bit of a traditional Lian Li offering, but that makes it no less of a fine Mini-ITX chassis. This cute little case is quite space-optimized. As a result, it can take in graphics cards up to 12" (31 cm) in length despite being only 15" (38 cm) in length itself. It can also accept standard ATX power supplies up to 6" (15 cm) in length. Notably, it has screw threadings on both the bottom and right side of the case so that you can move the feet and use it in either orientation. The Q38 will be available in silver or black finishes.

Lian Li PC-Q50A, PC-Q50B, and PC-V320A

Lian Li was also showing off the PC-Q50, PC-V320, and PC-V720 all-aluminum chassis that share the movable-feet feature. These three cases share a similar aesthetic, with no external drive bays and copious vent holes dotting the aluminum plate that wraps around three sides of the chassis.

Lian Li PC-V720A and PC-V720B

The models differ primarily in size. The PC-V720 accepts ATX motherboards, the PC-V320 steps down to microATX, and the PC-Q50 is an ITX-only affair. Like the Q38 above, all three will be available in anodized black or silver finishes and include USB Type-C ports on their front panels.

Lian Li PC-V3000

Finally, Lian Li will also be launching another case in its "V" series, the PC-V3000. Folks who follow the company's chassis nomenclature are already aware that if you see a V in the model number, it means very large and very expensive. This case supports E-ATX motherboards with up to eight expansion slots, and places the whole shebang under tempered glass on one side. Like the other models on display at Computex, the PC-V3000 also skips external drive bays in favor of an eerie monolithic appearance. Knobs behind the pop-off front panel connect to an integrated RGB LED controller.

Aside from an "autumn" release date for the PC-V3000, we unfortunately don't know when these cases will be available or how much they'll cost.

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