Computex 2017: Geil brings a boatload of RAM

Memory was a hot topic at Computex 2017. Various brands were scrambling to overclock kits for X299, market DIMMs specifically to Ryzen builders, or simply festoon ordinary sticks with RGB LEDs. Of course, Geil was in the thick of it.

First up, the already-released Evo X DDR4. The Evo X series had the honor of being the first-ever RGB LED-illuminated memory. The sticks support all major motherboard makers' RGB LED control software and come in a variety of capacities and frequencies.

Next, an Asus-specific set of DDR4 RAM: the Evo X ROG-certified edition. Not one to leave superlatives on the table, Geil hails this kit as the "world's first ROG-certified fully RGB illuminated DDR4 memory module." It took a lot of qualifiers, but we got there in the end.

Now here's a stick that manages to be visually striking without relying on an overbuilt heatspreader: Geil's Dragon RAM. The company hopes to attract hardcore overclockers with the module's meaty 10-layer PCB and specially-binned ICs. These sticks are also illuminated, albeit with static blue LEDs.

But never fear, RGB LED lighting returns with two updated versions of Geil's Super Luce DDR4 memory. The Super Luce line's distinguishing feature is "breathing" lighting that pulsates more quickly as memory temperatures rise. The "RGB sync" flavor will be compatible with your favorite motherboard's lighting software, while the "RGB lite" flavor will afford no such luxury.

Concluding its memory tour, Geil revealed AMD-specific editions of nearly every RAM product line in it stable. Evo Spear, Evo Potenza, Evo Forza, Evo X, Pristine, Dragon, and SuperLuce DIMMs have all been tested against the red team's Ryzen CPUs and are ready to slot into socket AM4 motherboards. The company expects its Evo Spear AMD DDR4 memory to be an attractive entry-level option for Ryzen 3 builders.

A few other odds and ends were on display, like the TR-recommended EpicGear Morpha X mouse and EpicGear Defiant keyboard. We found these modular peripherals to provide pretty good bang-for-buck, and Geil had our recommended badge proudly on display. That's it, folks!

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    • blahsaysblah
    • 3 years ago

    Any makers offering 3200+ kits in VLP format? Or any indication that VLP might not be rare as unicorn in 2017?

    • christos_thski
    • 3 years ago

    2015 RAM prices might have allowed for fancy dimms/heatspreaders/leds but 2017 and the regularly scheduled RAM maker collusion (ahem… I meant “shortages”) have priced them out of the market, really.

      • freebird
      • 2 years ago

      I don’t believe anyone makes VLP DIMMs at higher speeds. I’ve only ever seen them at 2133 or 2400 for DDR4 and usually for servers…

      Crucial has some but they are either RDIMMs or UDIMMs with ECC and not low latency…
      [url<][/url<] (there is an option for VLP you have to click)

    • Duct Tape Dude
    • 3 years ago

    I don’t typically care for fancy RAM with massive heatspreaders because they usually increase temps or obstruct airflow, but that white/gold Dragon RAM looks sweet.

      • titan
      • 3 years ago

      No, it’s blue and black!

      And, I’m with you. Of the options given by them, that design is most appealing to mine eye.

      • moose17145
      • 2 years ago

      Glad I am not the only one thinking that. I really like the design on that dragon ram.

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