Area-51 Threadripper Edition abducts every one of AMD's many-core CPUs

AMD is setting the high-end processor market abuzz this year with its Threadripper CPUs, and Alienware is getting in on the game by sewing up the exclusive OEM launch partner spot for those many-core chips. Among prebuilt PCs, the upcoming Area-51 Threadripper Edition will be the only way to get up to 16 Zen cores and 32 threads in a system from a major manufacturer until the end of the year, according to PCWorld. DIYers will still be able to build a Threadripper system from scratch, though. Alienware says the Threadripper Edition will come factory-overclocked across all of its cores, but that's about all the company is revealing about the system at this time.

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For those whose tastes run toward Romulan ale instead of Klingon bloodwine, Alienware will also offer an Area-51 system powered by Intel's many-core Core X chips. The Threadripper Edition will go up for order July 27, while the Core X-powered Area-51 will blast off on August 22. Pricing information remains to be annouced, but given Alienware's pedigree, you can bet the prices will be out of this world.

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