Alienware monitors and input devices invade the peripheral space

Besides the news that Alienware has a lock on pre-built machines using AMD's upcoming Threadripper CPUs (at least among tier-one OEMs), the company also let us know that it has some peripherals coming out. Two new monitors are on the way from Dell's extraterrestrial gaming brand, as well as a pair of keyboards and a pair of mice. Let's take a look at the monitors first.

Alienware's new displays are called the AW2518H and AW2518HF, and they differ in their choice of VRR tech: the AW2518HF uses FreeSync, while the AW2518H includes a G-Sync module. The G-Sync-equipped model includes some rear panel accents that its FreeSync sibling doesn't have.

Both displays use 24.5" TN panels with 1920x1080 resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz. A maximum brightness of 400 cd/m² should help ensure that the ULMB mode on the G-Sync model doesn't get too dark. Alienware lists both monitors as having 1000:1 static contrast ratio and 1-ms response time. You can hook up to the displays using DisplayPort or HDMI inputs, and they also include a four-port USB 3.0 hub.

Alienware's new keyboards are both mechanical designs using Kailh brown switches. The Alienware AW568 Advanced Gaming Keyboard is a pretty standard gaming keyboard with full programmability including macros. It has five macro keys and dedicated volume control buttons. Its cousin the Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard adds an aluminum casing, per-key RGB LED backlighting, and swaps the volume keys for a roller. Both keyboards have N-key roll-over and optional palm rests.

Lastly, Alienware's new mice again come in two flavors. Both are wired, nine-button affairs. The AW558 Advanced Gaming Mouse has on-the-fly DPI switching between 200 and 5,000 DPI, fully-programmable buttons with macro support, and customizable RGB LED lighting. The AW950 Elite Gaming Mouse has all that but steps things up with a maximum resolution of 12,000 DPI, swappable side grips, a three-position palm rest, and variable weight. 

If you need some alien-head-adorned gear to match your spiffy new Threadripper-powered desktop, well, go get it. All of the above hardware should be available today on Alienware's website, although at the time of this writing all we could find were the AW558 and AW950 mice, as well as the AW768 Pro keyboard. Alienware asks $50 for the Advanced mouse, $90 for the Elite mouse, and $120 for the Pro keyboard. When they become available, the AW568 Advanced keyboard will be $90, the AW2518HF FreeSync monitor will be $500, and the AW2518H G-Sync display will be $700.

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