be quiet! Shadow Rock TF 2 is a downward-facing beast

With the current popularity of tower coolers and water cooling systems, it's easy to forget the days when fans used to point down at CPU heatsinks. be quiet! hasn't forgotten, and the Shadow Rock TF 2 combines the shape of old-school CPU coolers with the larger fans used in modern heatsinks. The TF 2 is designed for applications where there's limited room for a cooler, though users obsessed with the temperature and airflow near the power delivery circuitry may equally appreciate its design.

Seeing as the TF 2 weighs in just shy of 24 oz (680 g), it likely offers substantial cooling power. Five 6-mm copper heatpipes ferry heat away from the CPU and into an array of aluminum fins. be quiet! draws special attention to the aluminum caps on the heatpipes, something the company says helps give the cooler a sleeker appearance.

It can be difficult to judge the size of CPU coolers from photographs, but the TF 2 is enormous. The included fan is one of be quiet's 135-mm units. For comparison's sake, the Mini-ITX standard calls for motherboards measuring 6.7" (170 mm) square. The large area of the fin array and the low-profile fan work together to reduce the TF 2's overall height, which measures just 4.4" (11.2 cm).

The included retention hardware can join the cooler with Intel sockets with anywhere between 775 and 2011 pins, and all recent AMD sockets including Ryzen's AM4. be quiet! didn't mention Intel's new LGA 2066, but the silicon giant says LGA 2011 coolers should also work with its upcoming Core-X CPUs. Support for the AMD Threadripper's gargantuan TR4 socket seems less likely.

The Shadow Rock TF 2 is available now for $60. be quiet! backs the top-flow cooler with a three-year warranty.

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