LG joins the G-Sync club with the 34UC89G ultra-wide monitor

At E3, LG is showing what the company's VP of marketing calls "the ultimate gaming monitor." That's quite the bold claim, though the 34UC89G certainly does look nice. LG's new display is a 34" curved ultra-wide monitor rocking an IPS panel with a 2560x1080 resolution. The native refresh rate is 144 Hz, and there's support for Nvidia's G-Sync.

Given its 8-bit IPS panel technology, the 34UC89G should offer strong image quality characteristics. LG puts it down to reproduce "over 99%" of the sRGB color space, and lists the usual 178° viewing angle spec both horizontally and vertically. Maximum brightness should hit 300 cd/m², while the contrast ratio is given as 1000:1. The panel's response time is a reasonably-short 5 ms.

Like most high-end gaming monitors, LG's new baby comes with a whole suite of gamer-focused features. Among them is a game mode (called "Dynamic Action Sync", for some reason) intended to minimize input lag. Curiously, LG lists the monitor as being overclockable to 166 Hz, with the usual caveat that overclocking performance is not guaranteed or covered under warranty. Overclocking the display apparently requires connecting to the 34UC89's DisplayPort input rather than its HDMI port.

The 34UC89 has a two-port USB hub that could be handy for folks like me rocking huge towers with hard-to-reach ports. The monitor also supports VESA mounting, something that's not necessarily a given on these curved displays. If you're still hooking up your glorious GeForce to a display from 2007, maybe it's time for an upgrade. Amazon and Newegg both have the 34UC89G up for pre-order for a cool thousand smackers.

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