Dell S718QL 4K projector will definitely light up your life

We just talked about one of Dell's new fancy monitors, but we realized that it's a puny 38" across. Surely that in this day and age a person can't possibly be expected to watch a postage stamp-sized display like that, so we found something a little better: Dell's new S718QL 4K projector.

The S718QL combines a laser backlight with a DLP system to create what Dell says is "the world's first high-brightness, 4K UHD, ultra short throw" projector. The company claims this thing can throw up a 100" diagonal image when it's just four inches away from a wall. The projector's native resolution is 3840x2160, and it supports up to a 120 Hz refresh rate. The powerful laser backlight can purportedly produce up to 5,000 lumens. Dell also says the S718QL is compatible with the HDR10 standard and has a typical contrast ratio of 1300:1.

That kind of visual performance would be fairly impressive for a monitor, but for a home projector it's pretty bonkers. Brightness of 5,000 lumens means the projected image should be bright enough to be visible almost anywhere. Despite the high power, Dell says the backlight should last for 20,000 hours, or around 10 years of typical usage. The projector can accept video signals from up to three HDMI inputs, although only one of those is HDMI 2.0. Alternatively, the projector can be used without a PC, displaying media from USB or across a wired or wireless network. It even supports Bluetooth connections to external speakers.

This might be one of the fanciest projectors we've seen, but it'll cost you. The Dell S718QL comes out July 19 and will run you $6000 when it hits.

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