Adata unwraps its IM2P3388 industrial-grade NVMe drives

Adata showed off a whole batch of M.2 NVMe SSDs for enterprise and enthusiast systems at Computex at the beginning of the month. The company is back after just a couple of weeks to introduce the IM2P3388 family of "industrial-grade" SSDs. All IM2P3388 models are NVMe drives using the M.2 2280 form factor and are built with 3D MLC NAND flash chips orbiting Silicon Motion drive controllers. Adata is offering up four different capacities ranging from 128 GB all the way up to 1 TB. Sequential read speeds up to 2500 MB/s and writes up to 1100 MB/s are promised, though those high speeds likely apply to the largest model. 

The industrial-grade label means more than having a PCB and flash chips that are as black as your soul. In this case, the term refers to these SSD's ability to withstand shocks up to 1500 G for 0.5 ms, 20 G of vibration, and humidity levels as high as 95%. Two models are available in each of the four capacities: a "commercial" variation that can tolerate temperatures from -10° to 80° C, and an "industrial" version that can withstand temperatures from -40° to 90° C. Mean time between failure is listed as more than two million hours, though Adata didn't offer write endurance data or random I/O specs.

All IM2P3388 drives draw up to 4.8 W at full boogie. Adata says the drives support TCG Opal 2.0-compliant encryption and have three levels of ECC. There's no word on pricing, though we imagine these drives will carry a premium when compared to similar desktop models.

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