The TR BBQ XIV is just one month away—get your plans in order

It seems to me that this year's TR BBQ has approached at a significantly faster pace than any previous outing. According to the calendar, the July 15 date is only a week earlier than last year's event. However, for some reason time is just flying this time around. If you've been thinking about making the trip to Holland, MI this year, let this be a last reminder that the day is drawing near. Hit the BBQ thread for the details and firm up your summer plans.

This is what you covet...

Why bother? Well, the theme this year is staying true to the core elements of the TR BBQ, like cornhole, food, and fireworks ("corfofi" in the parlance of our times). That doesn't mean we don't have some new tricks up our sleeve. It just means that we're focusing on clean lines, power efficiency, and low noise (strictly figuratively) at the expense of some RGB LEDs and cloud-synchronized peripheral preferences. Savvy, mate?

If you're on the fence, let me tempt you with sweet, juicy rumors. Editor-in-Chief Jeff Kampman will be making an appearance with plenty of surplus review hardware in tow. A little gerbil told me that there're decent odds our own Bruno Ferreira will be setting a TR BBQ distance record by coming all the way from Portugal to attend this year. Don't worry, though: as staff, he's not eligible to claim any prizes (unless there's a contest for being a smartass—Bruno).

Speaking of prizes, the latest gossip from the TR virtual water cooler suggests that a regular TR BBQ loot-donor will not only be generously contributing giveaway items again this year, but they'll  likely have some folks on site to hang out and shoot the breeze with us, too. Neat!

That's the best sales pitch I can muster, people. What I'm really trying to say is that if you can get yourself to the BBQ, you're going to have a good time. Hope you can make it, and hit the BBQ thread for more details.

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