1. Overclocker Cafe has Detonator 23.11 poll results
  2. Ace's Hardware has a workstation guide
  3. NewsGeek reports that Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition 8.1 released (thanks Mark Schrader)
  4. VIAHardware has holiday 2001 gifts picks
  5. AKIBA has Rioworks NUVIA VIA P4X266A board w/VPX-64 support (engineering sample),
    32X CD-R drive,
    and Triplex Millennium Silver GF-Ti (GF2 Ti w/silver PCB ~ thanks Firestone)

  1. Icrontic pits Xbox vs. GameCube
  2. Hard Tecs 4U reviews Celeron 1.2GHz
    and Asus A7A266-E
  3. VR-Zone's Shuttle AK31/35GTR voltage mod
  4. Overclockers New Zealand reviews Iwill XP333-R
Multimedia and cooling

  1. Digit-Life does professional 3D accelerators roundup (using 3D Studio MAX 3.1)
  2. Hardware-TEST reviews Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers
  3. HotHardware reviews Logitech Z-560 4.1 speakers
  4. Mikhailtech reviews Titan TTC-ALC1 fan alarm
  5. bit-tech reviews PWN fan controller
  6. Think Techie reviews 8-port fan power block
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