Thermaltake's Core G21 TG is a modern case for the mainstream

When you hear "Thermaltake", "understated" is probably not your word association go-to. The company sells a substantially wide range of cases, though, and its new Core G21 TG Edition is pretty restrained. Were it not for the solid sheets of tempered glass bolted to the sides, this ATX mid-tower chassis would barely stand out in an office, much less in a game room or a LAN party.

Despite the low-key appearance, this case has a thoroughly modern design. It supports Thermaltake's latest cable management design, and it also gets the company's "LCS" certification that marks it as ready for liquid-cooling enthusiasts. The bottom of the case is shrouded to hide messy wiring and to separate the power supply from the hot components above, like most current case designs.

Meanwhile, all of the drive mounts in the Core G21 can behidden behind the motherboard tray. You get two dedicated 2.5" hardpoints, and two more that can take a 2.5" or 3.5" drive. The 2.5" drive sleds can alternatively be installed on top of the power supply shroud. Hiding away all of the drive mountings leaves plenty of room in the main area of the chassis for graphics cards up to 16" (41cm) and plenty of liquid-cooling hardware.

Builders can mount three 120-mm fans or two 140-mm spinners in the front of the case, an additional 120-mm or 140-mm fan in the top, and a further 120-mm fan in both the bottom and rear of the case. Thermaltake helpfully includes a 120-mm exhaust fan in the rear spot. Liquid-cooling fans might be pleased to hear that the Core G21 includes specific mount points for a reservoir toward the front of the case, and that they can install a 360-mm or 280-mm radiator in the front, as well as a separate 120-mm unit in the rear.

Unfortunately, we don't know when the Core G21 TG Edition will be available, but Thermaltake says it will be available for online ordering "soon" and that it should be "budget friendly."

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