Mionix's new RGB LED keyboard lights the Wei forward

What's that? You say you want an RGB LED-backlit mechanical keyboard, but there just isn't enough choice out there? Please, then, allow Swedish peripheral manufacturer Mionix to suggest its first RGB LED keyboard, the Mionix Wei.

Spec-wise, Mionix is keeping the keyboard reasonably simple. The Wei packs Cherry MX Silent Red switches and is backlit with RGB LEDs. Compared to a lot of planks out there, though, the Wei has a slightly different look. The raised keycaps sit above a low-profile aluminum plate surrounded by a rubber base. As a consequence, Mionix's board looks a bit less industrial than other keyboards with floating caps. Since the Wei uses Cherry MX switches, the keycaps can be swapped out with some of Mionix's own colorful keycaps in Ice Cream (powder blue), Frosting (rose), and French Fries (light yellow) colors.

The Mionix Wei will be available starting July 21. In addition to the standard U.S. layout, the company is making the keyboard available with UK, German, Nordic, French, and Japanese key arrangements, though the latter two are currently unavailable. Stateside, the Wei is available for pre-order through Amazon for $159. Europeans can have their unique Weis through the company's site at 179€. Presumably some of that amount is going toward paying for the commercial above.

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