ThinkPad lineup will get a retro model for its 25th anniversary

Few notebooks generate as much nostalgia around these parts as the ThinkPad. Two years ago, when Lenovo's chief design officer David Hill floated the idea of a retro-styled ThinkPad on his company blog, the response here and elsewhere was quite positive. Lenovo has been quiet about the project since then, though, content to let the rumor mill grind away. The company has now finally broken its silence and confirms that not only is the project alive, but that a retro ThinkPad will be released as part of the lineup's 25th anniversary celebration.

Lenovo isn't letting much on about the upcoming notebook, however. In his latest blog post, Hill spends as much time explaining why Lenovo doesn't share details about upcoming projects as he does discussing the retro ThinkPad. He does say that the notebook will have a black rubberized coating instead of the all-metal chassis designs that have been so popular lately. It will have "a keyboard to die for," and three different TrackPoint caps for buyers to choose from. There's a new picture of the machine, but there's little to glean from it other than that Lenovo made the ThinkPad logo a bit less colorful than what we saw in the first concept display.

Gerbils might not have to wait long for the new-old notebook. In order to be in time for the ThinkPad lineup's 25th anniversary, the machine has to come out this year. Hill claims to have powered up and typed on an early development prototype, so things are looking good on the development front. As a final note, while Hill certainly wasn't willing to talk pricing, he happily squashed the rumor that the retro ThinkPad would cost $5000, and remarked that he has no idea where the rumor mill got that figure from.

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