Vulkan is about to erupt in CryEngine 5.4

All the attention lately has been on ultra-high-end graphics cards and expensive CPUs with cores for days, but work continues in the direction of getting more performance from meager resources. To wit, CryTek has quietly announced support for the low-level Vulkan graphics API in the upcoming CryEngine 5.4 game development package.

The current source code in the CryEngine GitHub page includes a work-in-progress Vulkan renderer, and the announcement page suggests that Vulkan support will be functional when CryEngine 5.4 is released around the end of July. The company is also working on a new entity component control system and a sandbox editor for the 5.4 release.

Although CryEngine is most notably used in CryTek's in-house titles, the engine is also used by a variety of third-party developers for games like Arkane Studios' Prey and Turtle Rock's Evolve, among others. CryTek's upcoming Hunt: Showdown may use an older version of CryEngine, so Vulkan support in the game appears uncertain at this time—though it's worth noting that the game is apparently still in a pre-alpha state.

Vulkan support brought heady performance increases to Bethesda's 2016 Doom remake, particularly on lower-end CPUs and AMD's GCN graphics cards. Integrating the API into popular game engines seems like a vital step to its long-term success versus Microsoft's DirectX 12 API.

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