Corsair reveals its prize haul for the TR BBQ XIV

It was just over a week ago that we hinted at a significant prize contribution coming to this year's TR BBQ. Today, we can reveal exactly what those prizes are and who to thank for them. The fine folks at Corsair have itemized their mighty haul and confirmed that they will be on location to personally deliver it. Here's the list!

I couldn't help myself—I had to run the numbers, and that's around $2,000 worth of gear and apparel. That's an awesome amount, and it's a bit surreal to think that our gathering of gerbils has grown so much since its humble beginnings. Excuse me while I reflect on BBQs memories of the past and think about how far we've come—must be something in my eye. Ahem… anyway, let's take a look at each prize.

The Crystal Series 570X RGB case was one I considered when I did my upgrade earlier this year. I went old-school and chose the Obsidian Series 450D instead, but the sleek tempered glass of the 570X still beckons me from time to time. As the headlining prize, we're going to give away the 570X to a randomly-drawn BBQ attendee to make sure everyone has a fair chance to take it home.

We've been fans of Corsair's mechanical keyboards for a long time. The latest K95 model is no exception. Our own Nathan Wasson had lots of good things to say about it when he reviewed one a couple months ago. These keyboards actually retail for more than any of the other prizes Corsair is donating to the BBQ. I suspect that the winner of the annual cornhole tournament is likely to choose one as their prize.

The assortment of Void headsets Corsair is literally bringing to the party covers the entire gamut of the product line. There will be two Void Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB headsets up for grabs. That's the top-of-the-line model with all the buzzwords. The two wired Void Surround Hybrid headsets are the only RGB LED-less prizes for winners to choose from (aside from the t-shirts). Finally, a lone Void RGB USB Dolby 7.1 headset could be an option for the discerning gerbil who wants a light show without having to worry about battery life.

We jest about the RGB LED mania but I think everyone knows that light-clad hardware is popular for a reason. Everyone likes customization, even if for some people that means turning the LEDs off. The MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad could be just the finishing touch your desktop needs. Personally, I like the idea of a mouse pad with a built-in USB port to keep a wireless receiver as close as possible to the mouse.

Thanks to Corsair for its generosity and for helping make the TR BBQ even more awesome. If you're not already planning to attend, there's still time to make arrangements. The BBQ takes place on July 15 in Holland, MI. All TR readers are welcome to this annual family-friendly event. Pop on over to the BBQ thread for all the details. Hope to see you there!

Colton Westrate

I host BBQs, I tell stories, and I strive to keep folks happy.

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    • Jigar
    • 3 years ago

    That case looks great.

    • SomeOtherGeek
    • 3 years ago

    Awesome of them! Makes sure you take a pix with the winners so we can drool.

    • DragonDaddyBear
    • 3 years ago

    Wow, thank you Corsair!

    • Starfalcon
    • 3 years ago

    It really is amazing after that first get together all those years ago, that we still are going strong. I am glad i have been able to be a part of most of them since then 🙂

      • drfish
      • 3 years ago

      It’s amazing (and we’re glad) that you still show up and take everyone’s crap. You are a saint.

    • Spotpuff
    • 3 years ago


    • chuckula
    • 3 years ago

    Very classy Corsair.

    I will be sure to remember your generosity on the next talk like a pirate day.

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