Silverstone's Strider Titanium PSUs are ready for a high-power future

The trend in components over the last few years has been towards offering higher performance with less power draw. However, with the looming availability of Intel's high-core-count Skylake-X CPUs, AMD's Threadripper chips, and AMD's potentially thirsty Vega FE graphics cards, the low-power tide may be heading back out, at least with respect to top-of-the-line hardware. Silverstone's Strider Titanium PSU lineup is certainly ready for an increase in wattage demands. The series is growing from three to six members with the addition of the ST1100-TI, ST1300-TI, and ST1500-TI models.

The model names give a pretty clear idea of what to expect. Like the existing 600 W, 700 W, and 800 W members of the Strider Titanium family, the three new additions are 80 Plus Titanium certified and offer 90% conversion efficiency even when operating at 10% load. Despite their impressive power handling, the units aren't really large—their packaging efficiency is quite high, with power densities ranging from 474 W/L in the ST-1100TI all the way up to 646 W/L in the range-topping ST1500-TI. Silverstone touts the unit's all-Japanese capacitors, their ability to run 24 hours a day at 50° C temperatures, and low ripple and line noise.

As for creature comforts, the large Strider Titanium PSUs boast all-modular cabling. The black cables are flat for easier routing. There's a large 135-mm fan that spins up only when the power supply has a load of 20% or more, which means the ST1500-TI can deliver enough power for a full system with a GeForce GTX 1080 under load without bothering to turn on its fan.

Silverstone didn't provide pricing or availability details for the new large-capacity power supplies, but we would expect all three models to bear larger price tags than the $180 asking price of the existing 800 W ST80F-TI. Silverstone backs all the units with a five-year warranty.

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