G.Skill readies up for X299 with quad-channel DDR4 at 4200 MT/s

G.Skill just announced a whole range of quad-channel memory kits tailor-made for Intel's nascent X299 HEDT platform. The new kits are part of the company's top-tier Trident Z family, and they make use of Samsung's best DRAM chips to drive quad-channel DDR4 transfer rates up to 4200 MT/s. Not everyone can afford (or wants to pay for) the top-shelf grades, so G.Skill also has four- and eight-module kits coming out at transfer rates ranging down to 3600 MT/s.

As you can see in the handy-dandy chart above, all but one of these super-speed DDR4 kits require 1.35V, or an extra 150 mV over the DDR4-standard 1.2 V. The DDR4-4200 outlier requires a full 1.4V for good measure. Kits up to 3800 MT/s will be available in versions with 8 GB or 16 GB modules, meaning G.Skill can now outfit you with a full 128 GB of DDR4 memory transferring at 3800 MT/s. Latency does take a hit when using the denser modules, though.

Along with the existing Trident Z line and the Trident Z RGB family, G.Skill is launching the new kits in a "Trident Z Black" series that skips the fancy colors for a smooth all-black heatsink. The 4400 MT/s dual-channel kit we saw at Computex is also on its way, but unfortunately we don't know when. In fact, G.Skill didn't reveal when any of these kits will be arriving in stores, but we expect that to happen sooner rather than later.

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