VR180 video bridges the gap between YouTube and VR

Virtual reality gaming can be great, but the medium has plenty of applications for slightly more passive content like VR video playback. Google's Daydream VR division is trying to reduce the high barrier to entry for VR content creation with the VR180 video format. The company says that the new format is intended to help content creators bridge the difficulty and logistics gaps between making Youtube videos and full 360° VR content. The format will work with Google Cardboard and Daydream headsets, as well as the million-selling PlayStation VR.

VR180 video content will play back in steroscopic 3D and the depth of objects will be retained during playback. Google says that making VR180 content should be straightforward enough that creators will be able to live-stream in the new format. Furthermore, the company promises that existing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro will be able to edit VR180 videos.

The search giant says it's working with Lenovo, LG, and YI Technology on new cameras designed to shoot VR180 video. The company expects the first round of these cameras to start shipping this winter. Google says they'll be as easy to use as point-and-shoot cameras and will carry about the same cost. A small assortment of sample VR180 video clips are posted on YouTube for your perusal.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 2 years ago

    99.9999999%* of the footage that people actually want to watch is recorded on DSLRs/GoPros/Smartphones. People aren’t going to go out and buy a Lenovo point and shoot camera just to make a movie that can only be watched non-interactively by a relatively small group of gamers and android experimenters.

    I don’t know about you guys, but people I showed Google Cardboard to in the office were as underwhelmed as I was. Both the hardware and the software were horribly underwhelming – falling very firmly into the kid’s toy / gimmick categories when compared to the serious VR hardware like the Vive or Rift.

    The last thing VR needs to aid adoption is to be diluted.

    *yes, I researched that number carefully; It’s more accurate than anything the SCROTUS says.

      • Anovoca
      • 2 years ago

      99.9999999% of adult content is filmed with GoPros?

        • Sargent Duck
        • 2 years ago

        Well, GoPro’s are what you use when you want those “action” shots!

        • Chrispy_
        • 2 years ago

        Yeah, there’s this one company still using a potato.

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