The state of Intel today

To be sure, the past two years have not been kind to Intel. Due to a series of missteps and faux pas, Chipzilla may have lost some of its luster as a blue-chip company, so to speak. Penstar Systems has weighed in with an insightful take on the state of Intel. Where does Intel want to go today?
Intel is a processor company, and they should have concentrated on that. The margins that Intel makes on processors far exceeds that of any other product Intel produces. It seems that several years ago, the decision to get into the chipset business was a good one, as there were dozens of chipset manufacturers, and the quality control in those products were often suspect. When Intel opened up the chipset business portion, they immediately introduced a solid and stable platform for their processors to work on. The Triton series of Pentium chipsets soon dominated the market, and the great chipset maker fallout began. Intel made this move because there was not a solid base to build processors upon, and the move into the chipset market enhanced the reliability and performance of Intel processors.
Penstar also has the scoop on a VIA KT333 motherboard on its front page.

Update: Penstar has posted an addendum to the Intel today article which you can find here. Thanks to billb for the link.

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