Steam 2017 Summer Sale, part deux

Our post about the Steam sale yesterday ruffled some feathers. It seems fans of a few genres felt under-represented, so we're back again with another list of game recommendations for the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. If you missed our post yesterday, check it out for details on the sticker book event that Steam has running until the end of the sale, as well as the huge list of discounted games.

Project Cars

On the forefront of missing genres yesterday were racing games. There are a ton of fantastic racing games on sale on Steam right now. Our picks of the litter include: Project Cars (down 67% to just $10), Dirt Rally (70% off at $18), and the ever-classic Burnout: Paradise (just $5!) Notably, people are still playing Burnout: Paradise online almost 10 years later. If you're more into science-fiction racing, Redout is a faithful homage to F-Zero and Wipeout, and it's 60% off at $14. Formula Fusion is a newer title that's more directly inspired by Wipeout—it's just $15. Stepping into the sillier side of racing, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is easily the best "kart racer" on PC, and it's down to just $5. While it's more "driving" than "racing," Euro Truck Simulator 2 is also down to $5.

The other big genre that we missed yesterday were one-on-one fighting games. There's been an explosion in this genre on Steam after years of PC gamers missing out on the best way to beat up their friends. The headliner for the genre is of course Street Fighter V; it's half off at $20. Street Fighter characters will be showing up again soon in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, but if you can't wait to beat up some superheroes you can pick up Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for just $15. King of Fighters XIV is the first 3D title in the long-running series. The game just hit Steam a week ago, but its publisher went ahead and knocked 20% off the price for the Summer Sale, bringing it to $48.

BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma Extend

If you want to smash faces but the above games are too rich for your blood, there are a ton of cheap classic and indie fighters on Steam. The creepy-cute Skullgirls is down to just $3. The legendary Guilty Gear X2 #Reload is only $2. If you're curious about anime fighters, BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma Extend is a modern title with full English voice acting for a meager $7.50; if you get into it, you can pick up all four BlazBlue games (including the brand-new Centralfiction) for $41. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code may have a word salad name, but it's a serious game with a lunatic fandom; it's down to $6.50. If you're not into the Japanese style, Mortal Kombat Komplete compiles the 9th MK game and all its DLC for just $5.

I also meant to mention that there are a ton of Warhammer games on Steam on sale. Total War: Warhammer is probably the highlight for most of you gerbils; it's down 66% to just over $20. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a sadly-overlooked third-person action-shooter hybrid with a still-active online community, and it's only $7.50. Dawn of War III is only 25% off at $45, but I personally recommend the original game over it anyway. You can pick up the entirety of the first Dawn of War game for just $10. Warhammer End Times: Vermintide could aptly be described as "Left 4 Rats", and it's only $10 now.

Quake, of course

Gerbils also helpfully pointed out in the comments to our last post that we completely missed seminal shooter series Quake. If you don't own it on Steam yet, the original game is only $1.24 right now. If you pick it up and decide to play through it once more, grab the Vulkan-infused vkQuake to enjoy the game on modern systems, or try qbism Super8 for maximum nostalgia. You can also pick up the entire classic Quake series, including the first three games and their expansions, for just $6.24. Along similar lines, almost every Serious Sam title on Steam is 90% off, so if you like classic shooters you won't want to miss out on those. Developer Croteam's excellent 3D puzzler The Talos Principle is only $10, too.

Finally, perhaps the most grievous omission from our previous post was Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor. This excellent open-world action title is only $4 right now. It shares a lot with Mad Max, which is only $8 and possibly the best movie-licensed game of all time. Both of these games draw heavily on the Far Cry school of open-world game design, and those titles are on sale too: Far Cry 2 is $4, Far Cry 3 is $7, Far Cry: Blood Dragon is $5, Far Cry 4 is $15, and Far Cry: Primal is $25. Like old-school Final Fantasy, the Far Cry games aren't connected by a linear story, so jump in anywhere if you haven't played them before.

Once again, let us know if you see anything we missed.

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