Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 returns as the Fandom Edition

Man, I can't wait for that FE. No, not the Vega Frontier Edition—I'm talking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition. That's right, gerbils—the most notorious handset in recent memory is making a return to the market in the form of refurbished handsets with "different components" inside.

The release of the Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition is going to be a limited run of around 400,000 units. We actually heard back in March of this year that Samsung would be selling the Note 7 again, but we didn't know the company would be doing an actual re-launch, however small it is. 400,000 units is lot fewer phones than those recalled by Samsung, leaving us wondering if the majority couldn't be refurbished. It's also possible that the company doesn't expect demand for the Note 7 FE to be that high.

The story comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, and it's unfortunately pretty light on details otherwise. For instance, it's unclear whether these handsets will simply be Note 7 shells with different phones inside, or if they are actual Note 7 hardware with different batteries. Ultimately it may not matter to most gerbils reading this page, because the handset is primarily going to be sold in Samsung's native South Korea. Pricing isn't fixed yet, but The Journal says it should sell for under 700,000₩, or less than $613.

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