news micron lets all memories of lexar fade away

Micron lets all memories of Lexar fade away

The memory card shelf at your local electronics shop is going to have a few empty hooks soon. Longtime media storage brand Lexar is being discontinued by parent company Micron.

Micron says it's discontinuing the brand to focus on "increasing opportunities in higher-value markets and channels." The company's looking into selling off the brand in whole or in part if there's interest, though the media storage market is a busy one, populated with the likes of Sandisk and Kingston.

In addition to making memory cards, Lexar also produced flash drives and memory card readers. Micron says it will continue to support existing products through the transition, so anyone who's just stocked up on Lexar memory products probably doesn't have much to worry about.

0 responses to “Micron lets all memories of Lexar fade away

  1. And I still have my 64MB stick, bought in Afghanistan (out of all places) and rocking “duke nukem forever” key ring.

  2. Just the brand. Micron needs all the manufacturing sites it has. The Lexar ones will be re-tasked to produce more profitable goods.

  3. Anyone who raises prices will get the same race-to-the-bottom market punishment that’s driving Micron out.

  4. I will have lost it by then. I need a USB drive that will last 1 to 2 weeks of minimal use.

  5. Is it just the “brand” or is there brick and mortar manufacturing sites included?

  6. What I’m afraid of is the possible market reaction to this announcement. Everyone will jump at any opportunity to raise prices when they can, of course.

  7. I wonder if the recent drop in quality contributed that, or Micro pretty much abandoned it a while back and this is just the nail in the coffin? The “633x” series reportedly were switched to TLC and quality dropped like a stone.

    Dangit! I was looking to buy their Endurance series for my would-be dash cam. 🙁

  8. I kinda feel for Micron. It’s a completely price-driven market, since next to nobody will even consider if their USB stick will last more than three months or if it won’t take that amount of time to copy data to it

  9. Translation: “Too much competition from cheap, second-rate manufacturers. We’re outta here!”

    Too bad, they were one of the better brands.