AMD plugs Radeon ProRender into Blender

Alongside its rollout of the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards, AMD is releasing some tools for the designers who'll be putting that silicon to work. The company's Radeon ProRender photorealistic rendering engine is now available as a plug-in for Blender and Solidworks.

Fans of open-source software—and anyone who likes free things, for that matter—should be pleased with today's news, as the ProRender plug-in for Blender puts a free and open-source 3D renderer into a similarly free-and-open content creation suite. AMD's plug-in plays nice with Blender installs on both Windows and Ubuntu Linux, and uses OpenCL to harness the power of whatever CPUs and GPUs are available to it. The renderer brings along its own library of materials, giving content creators an easy way to get started on a scene.

Blender isn't the only software getting the ProRender mojo today, though. Users of Dassault Systèmes' heavy-hitting SolidWorks CAD software will also be able to grab a free ProRender plug-in. AMD's existing plug-ins for 3ds Max and Maya got updated with a few key improvements like better real-time rendering performance in the viewport, too. All of these plug-ins are immediately available for download from AMD's website.

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