Adata HD710 Pro external HDDs are shock-resistant and super-sized

If you need an external hard drive that won't suffer a head crash when your personal artillery piece fires, Adata can hook you up. The company's launching the HD710 Pro external hard drive family that builds on the original HD710 by adding IPX8 dust and water resistance, as well as "military grade" shock resistance. Along with releasing the HD710 Pro drives, Adata is also adding a 4 TB model to its HD650 series.

First, the new models. Adata says the HD710 Pro exceeds IP68 requirements for dust and water resistance, and that it can withstand up to an hour of submersion in 2 meters of water. That's certainly convenient, though most external hard drives I've ever owned failed due to head shock, not short circuits. Thankfully, these drives also pass MIL-STD 810G section 516.6 requirements, which means they're guaranteed to survive drops up to 1.5 meters. 

Adata says the HD710 Pros include a technology called "G-Shock" that will pause drive activity when the sensor detects shock or vibration. That isn't entirely a new concept, but on these drives the disk I/O LED will actually indicate when G-Shock activates. That's a whole lot more useful than simply leaving you wondering why your disk isn't working. The HD710 Pros will come in 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, and 4 TB capacities.

Meanwhile, the drives in the HD650 series aren't quite as durable as the HD710s, but they're still tough. These drives include a protective layer of silicone rubber around the outside that should protect them from typical knocks and bumps. They don't get the G-Shock sensor, though—nor do they possess the same certifications that the HD710 Pros do. The HD650 family of drives isn't new, but it's getting a new member with 4 TB capacity.

The new drives aren't quite available yet, but Adata says the new 4 TB HD650 will be $170 when it hits e-tail. Its shock-resistant siblings, the HD710 Pro series, will run $70 for 1TB, $130 for 2TB, $170 for 3TB, and $200 for the 4TB model. All of these drives should be available soon at Amazon and Newegg.

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