WD My Passport Ultra drives stow up to 4 TB in a classy shell

If you're fond of the looks of that My Passport SSD but not so keen on its per-gigabyte pricing, then check out WD's latest: the revised My Passport Ultra external hard drives. These drives borrow their styling from the My Passport SSDs, then combine it with USB 3.0 interfaces and 2.5" hard drives up to 4 TB in capacity.

Besides handling general storage functionality, the drives include WD's backup software that can not only deal with local data, but can also take care of backing up stuff from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, and Instagram. The drives support AES-256 hardware encryption, too. Unlike the My Passport SSDs, these drives use the old-school Micro-USB 3.0 connector instead of a USB Type-C port.

WD warranties the new My Passport Ultra drives for up to 3 years. They're available for pre-order at Newegg at fairly aggressive prices. You can choose from either white-and-gold or black-and-gray finishes. Drives in either style will run you $130 for 4 TB, $120 for 3 TB, $90 for 2 TB, or just $70 for a 1-TB spinner.

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    • DragonDaddyBear
    • 2 years ago

    You would think adding additional stuff to a drive would add to the price, not cut it almost in half. I wish there were bare 4TB 2.5″ drives at at that price. It would have broadened my server options. *sigh* i could always go all Blackblaze on it.

      • blahsaysblah
      • 2 years ago

      While all WD portables seem to have USB port/firmware on the drives PCB, most Seagate portables have standard drive inside attached to USB adapter. ofcourse you lose warranty when you extract drive.

      Also if it matters, drives above 2TB are all 15mm.

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