Exisdance showcases the state of motion-tracking projection art

Are you familiar with real-time projection mapping, gerbils? It's a complicated technology that uses advanced spatial sensors in combination with clever geometry mapping (read: tons of math) to project an image that moves and shifts along with the surface it's being projected on. This video from Panasonic and creative studio P.I.C.S. demonstrates the technology's current state-of-the-art. Watch it until the end because it's a little slow to show the really impressive stuff.

Pretty cool, right? If you're like me, though, you might not fully appreciate how intricate this technology is from that video alone. Shortbread baker and BBQ host Colton Westrate offered up two other impressive videos showing off similar tech. This first one demonstrates how dynamic projection works in a less-orchestrated environment—and onto a deforming surface, no less.

Just watching a video, it's easy to dismiss the technology because its effects can be accomplished much more simply using CGI post-processing. However, these techniques are meant to be used in real time in live shows. As an example, check out this video from Wired showing the technology being put to use in world-record-setting fashion to advertise the MTV Video Music Awards last year:

Rather impressive stuff, huh? Expect projection mapping to come to more live shows around you.

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