Cherry slims down the MX Board 1.0 TKL in time for beach season

In an odd twist of fate, Cherry MX might be better known for its mechanical keyboard switches rather than its actual keyboards. The company's steadily filling up its garage with a fleet of appealing clickers, however. The latest model in its lineup is the Cherry MX Board 1.0 TKL, a minimalist typer of the tenkeyless variety.

The Board 1.0 TKL puts all the niceties one would expect from a premium keyboard into a small, space-saving design that measures in at a mere 14.6" x 5.9" x 0.98" (370 mm x 150 mm x 25 mm). Purchasers can pick between Cherry's blue, black, brown, or red switches. Cherry claims the board's key caps are laser-etched to resist wear and tear, and with full n-key rollover and anti-ghosting, the keyboard should be reliable and precise, as well.

Fans of RGB LED lighting might be disappointed that the Board 1.0 TKL doesn't double as a rainbow-colored flashlight. It does offer dimmable white backlighting and an illuminated USB port, however, and users can pick a model that omits lighting altogether. Cherry MX hasn't put a due date or a price on these new keyboards yet, but promises to support them with a two-year warranty.

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