MSI Optix G24C gaming display is colorful, fast, and cheap

MSI has lately associated its brand with gaming hardware that provides solid value for money. The company is continuing that tradition with its Optix monitor brand. Back in December we took a look at the 27" Optix G27C display, and now the company has put up a product page for the smaller Optix G24C version. Like the G27C before it, this monitor melds a tightly-curved Samsung VA panel with FreeSync support at up to a 144 Hz refresh rate.

Like its bigger brother, the G24C is a 1920x1080 gaming display. MSI boasts that the G24C has 178° viewing angles both horizontally and vertically, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and brightness up to 250 cd/m²—all fairly typical characteristics for the VA display technology in use. MSI also claims that the display's response time can get down to 1 ms, an interesting claim. It's possible that these Optix models use the same panels offered in Samsung's CFG70 series, one of which I recently fell in love with. Samsung also indicates a 1 ms response time for the CFG70s, though that figure takes into account the monitors' anti-blur strobing technology, which apparently isn't present in the MSI versions.

Besides the strobing mode, MSI's Optix monitors also skip the quantum dot backlight that Samsung employed on its designs. The color performance of the Optix G24C should still be pretty good for a gaming monitor, though. MSI claims the display can reproduce 85% of the NTSC color space, or 110% of sRGB. That doesn't exactly qualify the monitor for the "HDR" label, but should make it look nice and vivid next to gaming monitors with TN panels. The G24C's refresh rate tops out at 144 Hz, but unfortunately neither AMD nor MSI elaborate on the FreeSync range. You can hook up to the G24C using DVI, HDMI 1.4, or DisplayPort 1.2.

Taken as a whole, the G24C looks like it could be a nice lower-priced alternative to Samsung's offerings for someone who wants a high-refresh gaming monitor that isn't painful to look at. Hopefully MSI's engineers can work out the kinks in the design that gave me such trouble with Samsung's monitor. You can pick up either MSI Optix gaming display at Newegg right now. The new G24C is just $226 on the Newegg Marketplace, while its larger sibling is going for $280 (after a $20 MIR) from Newegg itself.

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