Updated: Micron Fab-2 accident might raise DRAM prices further still

Folks looking to jump on a new system but lamenting the high price of memory might want to go ahead and take the plunge. Electronics supply and manufacturing news blog Evertiq is reporting that Micron's Fab-2 in Taiwan halted production at the beginning of this month following a failure in the facility's "nitrogen gas dispensing system."

The failure apparently led to the contamination of wafers and equipment in the facility. According to Evertiq, this will cut Micron Taiwan's production capacity from 125,000 wafer starts to around 60,000. Purportedly, that drop alone makes up around 5.5% of the global DRAM supply for this month, which means the parts that were already in short supply likely aren't getting any cheaper soon.

According to Evertiq, Micron Taiwan (also known as Inotera) is the primary supplier of the LPDDR4 packages that go in the iPhone. The site posits that the delay could affect iPhone shipments along with the PC and server markets that the fab services. Hopefully, Micron can get Fab-2 up and running again soon, because paying for RAM at a higher price per gigabyte now than I did in 2012 is getting old real fast.

Update 7/6/2017 8:45 AM: Micron denied Evertiq's report in a statement to Reuters:

"Regarding recent rumours about Micron's fabrication facility in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Micron hereby clarifies that there was no nitrogen leaking incident nor evacuating of personnel," Micron said in a statement. "There was indeed a minor facility event but operations are recovering speedily without material impact to the business."

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