AOC PDS271 and PDS241 displays tuck cables out of sight

Despite the many and important functions of cables in a computer system, plenty of users just don't want to look at them. Many system builders aren't happy with a new rig until its cables are lined up, straightened out, and tucked out of sight as much as possible. AOC thinks that there are two cables that builders haven't yet figured out how to hide: the ones connecting to the display. To address this problem, AOC has two new monitors on the market that tuck the cables away inside the monitor stand.

AOC teamed up with German design firm Studio F. A. Porsche for prettying up its new 24" AOC PDS241 and 27" AOC PDS271. The monitors have the same asymmetrical stand that AOC has used in the past. A dongle then connects to the back end of the stand, and can dangle out of sight behind a desk. The power and display cables are wired up to this dongle. This arrangement can make for a tidy desk but does leave little room for input options. The only available input is an HDMI 1.4 connector.

In both models, the display houses an IPS panel with a resolution of 1920x1080, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a 5-ms response time. AOC promises sharp and vibrant colors, as the screens cover 100% of the sRGB and 90% of the NTSC color spaces. Both monitors are available for sale now over at Amazon. The 24" PDS241 currently sells for $200, and the 27" PDS271 goes for $250.

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