1. VIA declares 'total victory' in lawsuit with Intel relating to K7 chipset products
  2. Warp2Search has ATI Multimedia Center 7.5 w/DVD support (unofficial version)
  3. Designtechnica's December Eye: online retailing
  4. Hardware Extreme's December showcase
  5. Icrontic reviews Opera 6
  6. SLCentral reviews MS Flight Simulator 2002
  7. Overclocker Cafe's contests end soon

  1. GamePC's Athlon XP 1.6 GHz vs. Pentium 4 Xeon 1.7 GHz comparison
  2. Neoseeker reviews Athlon XP 1800+
  3. EXHardware reviews Athlon 1.4GHz
  4. X-bit labs reviews Intel 845D (B-step) chipset
  5. Hexus reviews Asus P4B
  6. [H]ard|OCP reviews EPoX EP-8KHA+
  7. OnePC reviews EPoX EP-4T2A3
  8. Overclockers Australia reviews Abit KR7A-RAID
Multimedia and cooling

  1. Digit-Life reviews SuperGrace Radeon 7500/8500
  2. The Tech Zone reviews E-Dimensional "E-D" Glasses
  3. Digit-Life reviews Promise FastTrak100 TX4 Ultra ATA/100 RAID controller
  4. Dan's Data considers plugs 'n sockets
  5. Overclockedcafe, Pure Oc, and VN Roundup review Thermaltake Volcano 7
  6. Icrontic reviews Swiftech MCX462 heatsink
    and Mini FOCZ case fan
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