$399 Rift and Touch makes fun in the VR sun more attainable

Only a few months ago, Oculus reduced the price of its Rift-and-Touch bundle from $799 to $599. Apparently the company wasn't done discounting the Rift, however, because it's temporarily reducing the price of the bundle again as part of its "Summer of Rift" promotional event. During the event, stepping into VR with an Oculus Rift will cost just $399.

At this price, the Rift costs half of what it did just five months ago. That $399 price tag also matches the announced cost of Acer's mixed-reality headset. This move suggests that Oculus could be taking a bit of a defensive position as Microsoft and its partners make their its own moves into augmented and virtual reality this year. The Rift boasts better tech specs than the Windows mixed-reality headsets in a few key areas, including a 110° field of view compared to the competition's 90° FoV. The Rift bundle also includes seven titles including the well-reviewed Robo Recall. Then again, the mixed-reality headsets from Acer and others aren't for sale yet, so it's a bit early to draw too many comparisons.

The Oculus summer sale event doesn't seem to affect the price of the system's individual components. The touch controllers still retail for $99, as they did after last March's round of price cuts, and the sensor towers still sell for $59. Not all retailers are participating in the promotion. As of today, those interested will need to head to Oculus's storefront, over to Newegg, or to Best Buy.

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