Asus takes a stab at ambidextrous mice with the ROG Pugio

When you're left-handed, simply picking things up can be a hassle, whether it's scissors, a baseball glove, or a computer mouse. There might be tons of ambidextrous mice out there, but when you're looking for a gaming mouse your choices shrink fast. Asus is giving lefties another option with its ROG Pugio RGB gaming mouse.

Like Logitech's G900, the Pugio lets you customize your exact button loadout with the use of magnetic side buttons. You can pop the buttons onto either side or both sides of the mouse, and put place-holder pieces on the side or sides that you won't be clicking with. That means you can get your back and forward buttons without having to compromise and use a right-handed mouse.

Asus is seeking to outdo the G900, though. Not only can you switch the side buttons, but you can swap out the internal switches hiding beneath the left and right main buttons. The mouse is compatible with Omron D2F and D2FC switches, and uses a "push-fit switch socket design," allowing you to put in switches with just the right click resistance or swap out busted ones. An extra pair of mouse switches is included in the box, but you can order your own, too. Four screws on the bottom are all it takes to swap the switches out.

Additionally, the mouse features a 7200-DPI optical sensor and a DPI button to swap between preset sensitivity levels. The mouse will be configurable through Asus' Armory software, and the RGB lights can sync up with Asus' Aura Sync software to make sure all your blinkenlights match up.

I use Logitech's G900 myself, and the magnetic buttons are quite sturdy. If Asus' offering is anything like that, it should be a solid piece of hardware, and the ability to swap switches could make this a very long-lasting piece of kit. Better yet, it's only $90, and Asus says it's available right now. That said, it's out of stock on Amazon, and Newegg doesn't have it listed quite yet, so you may have to dig around a bit to arm yourself with this dagger.

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