Gigabyte begins rolling out BIOS updates to close Intel AMT hole

Remember that nasty exploit from a couple of months ago in Intel's Active Management Technology? In short, if your machine was already configured for remote administration, it could be vulnerable to an exploit that essentially gives an attacker complete and total control of the machine at a sub-OS level. The security hole can be closed off with a motherboard firmware update, but the exploit affects many older machines that may not be getting firmware updates. That's not the case for owners of Gigabyte boards, though. The company  just announced that it will be issuing security-focused firmware updates for affected boards going back at least as far as the 8-series chipsets.

Gigabyte's GA-X170-WS ECC

Much was made of the exploit because of how scary it could be on affected machines, but the reality is that most PCs aren't affected, since most consumer motherboards are not and cannot be configured for remote administration. If you haven't taken steps to explicitly enable AMT, you're in the clear. If you're using (or your business uses) AMT, though, make sure you have the latest firmware for your board. Updates for the GA-Q270M-D3H, GA-Q170M-D3H, GA-Q70M-MK, and GA-X170-WS ECC are going out today. Gigabyte says updates for boards using the Q270, Q170, B250, B150, and C2xx chipsets are available too, and that updates for older models "will be available shortly."

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