MSI lights up the GH70 gaming headset

Around the virtual TR office, we can be a picky bunch when it comes to our headsets. As gamers and music lovers, we insist on peripherals that provide a high-quality audio experience. This month, MSI is adding to our always-growing list of headsets to consider. The new Immerse GH70 gaming headset combines purportedly powerful drivers, swappable ear pads, and the company's ever-popular RGB LEDs.

At the heart of the Immerse GH70 headset are 50-mm drivers with neodymium magnets. MSI claims frequency response reaches down to a typical 20Hz, which isn't the lowest we've seen from recent gaming headsets, but it's still about as low as the human ear can hear. More tangibly, virtual 7.1-channel surround sound might offer a more immersive experience to gamers and give them an edge when it comes to locating nearby opponents.

The GH70 passes the eyeball test when it comes to comfort. A flexible strap across the top looks as though it'll carry most of the headset's weight, and large pads should wrap around the entire ear to minimize outside noise. MSI puts two sets of ear pads in the box, one made of leather and the other of cloth. The 6.6' (two-meter) braided cable should be more than long enough to reach most users' systems. The unidirectional microphone can retract back into the headset when not needed, as well.

Finally, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Those are, indeed, RGB LEDs on the outside of the ear cups. Owners of other pieces of MSI gear can use the company's Mystic Light software to keep them all synced up. MSI plans to release the Immerse GH70 sometime this month, though it hasn't indicated the headset's price.

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