Samsung Cinema LED screen does away with projectors

The home cinema viewing experience typically takes its cues from the movie theater. Replicating the movie house experience at home has been the goal of many an A/V equipment company since the dawn of cinema. Samsung's 33.8'-wide (10.3 m) Cinema LED screen is seemingly going in the other direction, taking the typical movie room projector and canvas and replacing them with a supersized LED array for a potentially more vivid experience.

The Cinema LED screen has a resolution of 4096x2160, slightly wider than the typical 3840x2160 "4K"  home television. Perhaps thanks to its self-illuminating nature, this huge screen is capable of displaying HDR content. Samsung says the Cinema LCD's peak brightness level is 146 fL, a figure the company says is 10 times that of a typical movie theater projector, allowing the screen to illuminate details that would go unnoticed on conventional projected image. Furthermore, Samsung goes on to explain that unlike regular projection screens, its Cinema LED screen doesn't lose color accuracy at high brightness levels.

Samsung suggests that the Cinema LED screen can be used for non-cinematic purposes like connecting it to a video game system during off-peak hours. The company doesn't mention it in its press materials, but the potential to eliminate the square footage currently dedicated to projection booths is surely something that theater operators in urban locales with expensive real estate will appreciate.

The company plans to launch the Cinema LED screens in theaters in the United States, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Samsung's goal is to install its screens in 10% of global theater screens by the year 2020.

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