Oculus Rift and Touch bundle will get another $100 price cut

When Oculus announced a summer sale on its Rift-and-Touch bundle, there was some speculation whether that $399 price tag was going to become permanent. In a blog post today, Oculus squashed that rumor—the promotion is temporary. However, the company won't be returning the Rift-and-Touch bundle to its pre-Summer of Rift cost. Instead, the new permanent price for the set will be $499.

The bundle includes the Rift headset, two Touch controllers, two sensors, the necessary cables, and six free titles. Users looking for room-scale VR experiences (that is, most everybody) will need to grab an additional sensor for $59. That brings the outlay for a room-scale Oculus Rift setup to $558. That amount is considerably lower than the HTC Vive's $799 asking price, and it might put some pressure on HTC to slash its sticker a bit.

While it's good to see Oculus continue to make its VR headset more affordable over time, those interested in the Rift are better off picking one up right this second, as the price in the Summer of Rift sale is the best price we've ever seen for the headset-and-controllers bundle. Oculus hardware might get even more accessible in the future, too, considering reports of a new, self-contained Oculus VR headset. Any downward price shifts can only benefit gamers who've so far balked at the cost of entry into the world of VR.

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